Printing 1" x 1" price labels from Shopify

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We recently added Shopify POS hardware to our online store as our inventory was not syncing with instore purchases. It is a lot of work printing the price labels that go on each physical product in the store for scanning at checkout. Shopify recommends only 4 labels sizes compatible with dymo 450 printer. The most popular sized label (1" x 1") is not located in the pull down menu as size options when printing from Google Chrome on a PC. Apparently the only current workaround is to save the file out as a pdf in adobe to get to another set of print windows that finally allow you to print the 1" x 1" labels. This involves at least 5 additional mouse clicks to achieve this. This workaround is not needed on the other 3 sizes that are supported. The problem is we need to print hundreds of the 1" x 1" dymo labels.  Is there a more efficient workaround for this or a bug fix coming from Shopify or Dymo to resolve this??  The support team has been helpful with finding a workaround for me even though they only have Macs in the office and have to replicate my issue on their personal PC's.   It is very frustrating that we have to work around this oversight for the most popular label you recommend. Any suggestions?

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