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Printing Barcodes on Labels in Stocky

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I'm using Dymo software to create a label template, upload to Stocky, almost all is good. However, the barcode is not displaying. At first it was only showing the numeric value for the barcode so I realized I have to use a "Barcode" field type in Dymo. Did that, now, no matter how large I make the field, I'm getting a message that barcode doesn't fit on the label. Anyone have any ideas how to display a scannable barcode?

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Try increasing the height. The default field provided by the label maker didn't work. Mine works at 1.35cm high

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Have you try contacting their support? Maybe you missed some configuration.

Normally, the size of the label is fixed, if you can customize it, be careful with the dimensions.



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--> During your customizations in the Dymo Label software, select the supported style of barcode, Code 128 Auto.


hope this help

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Why are we required to use Dymo printers?  They can hit a high DPI and struggle with any volume printing.  Is there any way to print with Zebra printers?