Problem to log in the Shopify POS in my tablet

Problem to log in the Shopify POS in my tablet

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Hi, I am having a lot of problem try to login in the Shopify POS APP that I just dowload in my tablet.


The sms with the code take so long to be received in my  phone, so when I want to use it , it is expired.


I try "Log in with a code" from my PC in where I am logged in to Shopify, but then Ask me again for a authentication code that is send to the store phone.


Also I try to change the number phone in my Shopify account, to see if I can get faster  the sms text with the code in other phone, but the hel center indicate that I need to do it inn domain setting > edit contact , and I do not have any similar like that






Then I try with the QR code, but neither my phonme or my laptop can recognize the QR. 


Please help!!!


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