Product Variant Level Shoppable QR code that works with Shopify POS

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I'm trying to switch from linear code 128 barcodes to (that pull from the Product Variant Barcode field in Shopify) to using a 2D barcode.  Simultaneously I wanted to explore using a QR code that a customer could scan to take them to a product (and variant) on our website, but also the QR would be recognized by the Shopify POS.  It would be a layup for Shopcodes to handle this but it doesn't and doesn't work with Shopify Flow to build a flow to handle this request.  Haven't found an App that does this either.  Emailed most of them too and one went as far as saying that Shopify doesn't give write access to the Barcode field via API which I find surprising.  Any ideas?

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Did you ever find a solution? i'm trying to do the same thing