Products under Philadelphia location are appearing in New Jersey's POS

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We have products that are exclusively available at our Philadelphia location. Despite having our POS set to the New Jersey location, when searching on the POS, those exclusive Philadelphia products still appear and can be added to an order. This is a problem and is confusing for staff.

The exclusive products exist only under one location (Philadelphia). How can we make sure these products do not show up on the New Jersey POS ?

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HI @whickey15,

I think ConnectPOS can be the solution to your problem.

With ConnectPOS, you can assign each location to an individual outlet. When you sell from one outlet, it will only affect the products within that outlet. For example, you can assign your Philadelphia location to Outlet A and New Jersey location to Outlet B. When you choose Outlet A on ConnectPOS, it will only show you the items at the Philadelphia location.

I attach the demo screen for reference.

You can book a free demo with us to find out how ConnectPOS can help you at both locations. 




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