Public Improvement Fee (PIF)

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In anticipation of our Shopify launch I haven’t been able to figure our how to have Shopify POS automatically calculate the a local Public Improvement Fee for one of our two locations. I’ve reached out to Shopify Retail Support and they are looking at it. I’ve also created a Shopify Experts Job Call and still waiting to hear back.


Here is the issue.
We have two sales channels: Online and POS. The POS has two brick and mortar locations. At one POS location we are assessed a PIF (Public Improvement Fee) on each sale. It’s like a tax that is really a fee (.75%) of sales. Then the PIF is subject to sales tax. We are required to submit this fee monthly just like a sales tax but to a separate entity.


For example:
If a customer has an order totaling = $100.

PIF (Public Improvement Fee) = $0.75 ($100 x .75%)

We have a new subtotal = $100.75 (that is now subject to Sales Tax at 7.55% for State, City and County)

Sales Tax = $5.66 ($100.75 x 7.55%)

Balance Due = $106.41 ($100.75 + 5.66)

I need to get Shopify POS to automatically calculate this for each sale for one of our POS locations.


Any help or leads would be appreciated on how to accomplish this.


Thanks, George

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