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quickbooks desktop POS migration - which "QuickBooks Desktop Connector" app should be used?

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i am helping someone migrate from Quickbooks POS to Shopify POS, and going through all the published steps.


on step 4 of this section:

it says:

  1. From the QuickBooks Desktop Connector app, click Get started.


i don't have this app in my list.

when i search the App Store, i get like 20 choices.


how do i get the specific app referenced in the docs?

should that have been automatically loaded in this account if we came in through the promo link?



i do have my Stockify API key, so ready for that.





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it turns out the promo code i used when creating my account was incorrect, as that app should have been added automatically to my Apps.  i did have additional steps show up in my onboarding guidelines, which included adding that connector app.
so it's there now!
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