"Accepts Marketing" not the Default on POS

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One of my staff members discovered yesterday that the "Customer Accepts Marketing" tab is now set to off by default. On the old POS this was set to default "on" which is what makes the most sense for us. I thought the new POS had this switched on too. 

When was this toggle switched to "off" as a default? It's such a missed opportunity to not have all these customers not automatically subscribed to our mailing list. It's now an added step to a transaction. Staff will need to be trained to switch this on each time and I know human error will miss this button occasionally. 

Also, is there a way to switch this back to "on" as a default? I've been all through the settings on the back end of both Shopify and POS and can't locate anything. 

In addition, when I try to access the POS overview page on the Shopify backend I'm met with a "This page can‘t be loaded right now".  I've tried multiple browsers over two days and this message remains.

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I would like to know this too please! Not loving this new app 


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Hello Walter,

We just realized this today as well as a company.  Did you ever figure out our to set it back to default "accepts marketing"?


Thank you,

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No solution has been provided Kevin as no one has even bothered to respond to this thread. 

I know in Canada a sales transaction is all that is needed to sign someone up for email marketing: I'm assuming the laws are different elsewhere and is why this is set to toggled off. 

Super annoying as my staff has been consistently missing this step at POS despite my constant reminders. So much of our marketing efforts hinge on email capture.

Hopefully Shopify adds this toggle setting default option back to POS soon. 

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@Walter_Manning Isn't that to comply with the privacy regulations? Even when customers buy from your store, they have the right to decide whether to receive your emails or not.

Or what am I missing?

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In Canada the law for acquiring emails as is follows:

Implied consent
Even if an individual hasn’t given express consent, certain activities can imply consent and allow marketers to send email to that individual, too. For example, if someone purchased a product from a brand or inquired about a brand’s services, this is considered implied consent under CASL, and the brand is allowed to send promotional emails.In contrast to express consent, however, implied consents expire. For a purchase, the implied consent is valid for 2 years. If it was an inquiry about a product or service, the consent is valid for only 6 months. If the subscriber hasn’t “renewed” its implicit consent during that time frame, for example by buying from the brand again, the implied consent expires. In this case, the brand won’t be allowed to send promotional messages to that subscriber anymore.

As I stated, this option was a given on the previous POS and removed and set to permanently off on the new POS.

My solution until a toggle is finally made active for this is to have staff check through each transaction at the end of the night to ensure that all Customers have the email set to "Accepts Marketing". It's not a solution that is ideal as there are better ways for me to be paying staff here. 

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Did anyone ever figure out if there is a way to make this default to "accepts marketing"?

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I just had a chat with someone on the online support because we had the same question. Here is the answer I got, as no one else seems to have an answer yet!

"Certainly a good question, and a fairly popular one at that. At this time however, due to our services being offered internationally and there being regions who have stipulations against having the marketing be pre-selected, we opted to launch it without an option to enable it automatically at this time."

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So I guess this means we would have to select it each time...