"stocktake" accounting summary at end of stocktake?

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At the end of a stocktake, there should be a financial summary of the result.  I can't find anything.   Without the financial summary, a stocktake would be a dangerous way to simply write off or gain stock with zero explanation.  Also there is no where to explain the overage or shortage. Theft? damages? We are new to Shopify after coming from Quickbooks.  At this point, we are printing off stocktake paperwork but then doing adjustments separately so that this is an accounting trail.   There has to be some way to trace accounting results. 

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Hi @janfan64,


Our "Stock Take" app can give you a financial summary for cost of goods and retail value along with the difference in the value from Shopify reported on-hand stock and your counted stock. We also email a full report in CSV format so you can dril down value by vendor or product type using a spreadsheet program.


Stock Take: Count Inventory - Stock Take app for Shopify




Let us know if you have any questions.




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