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Hello guys,


Please forgive my ignorance but I am slowly learning and trying my best to find out the best ways to do certain things.


I am a current Shopkeep client, just started the Shopify trial, as I am thinking of switching over. So far I have created my website and just saw the Shopify POS which I plan to utilize as soon as I can figure all of this stuff out. 


What I am trying to figure out is the best way to do my inventory. 


I sell products 10 product options - A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J. They can be sold individually but they are more commonly sold as in bundles of 3, for example ABC, BCD, CDE etc. or even in bundles of 4 ABCD, BCDE, etc.

In Shopkeep POS, I had two options with the inventory management. I could have created the 3 bundle packages ABC, and have A as a raw good, B as a raw good, C as a raw good so that once the bundle is selected, the stock levels for each individual item A, B and C, are adjusted. 

Another option was to not create any 3 or 4 bundle packages, ring up the sale using the individual item, so individually add A, then B then C and then apply a discount to bring it down to the 3 bundle discount price (since the individual items are more expensive of course).


Now that I will be selling on a website rather than just ringing up my sales in Shopkeep POS, I want to know how should I add the items to the site. I don't want to add the 3 bundle deals ABC; BCD etc. as a product if the inventory won't treat it as a raw good and adjust each item individually. Neither do I want the customer to choose the individual items and then have to apply a special discount in order to get the 3 or 4 bundle rate.

What do you think is the best way to handle this? Can this be done using Shopify existing inventory management system/ its POS system or do I absolutely have to pay for an app or plugin to properly do this?

I am new to this and I would certainly appreciate any assistance. 


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We use this app, https://apps.shopify.com/bundles?surface_detail=bundles&surface_inter_position=1&surface_intra_posit... its proven effective for us as we are in a similar predicament. 


Make each "Raw Good" a product and then use the bundles App to create all your variations. As you sell each bundle stock will be depleted for the specific items that make up your bundle while your bundles remain at zero. You can also set it up so that if you are ever out of stock on 1 or more item from a bundle the bundle(s) that contain the out of stock item(s) cannot be purchased.


The only downside I have experienced with this App is that it does not provide a count on how many of each bundle you sell so if you'd like to manage stock better then I'd recommend pairing it with Stocky Inventory Management so at least you can see which specific items from each bundle are moving well and stay on top of inventory.