Re-issuing a gift card for returns

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Please can a Shopify member ohelp us with the issue below?

We have been testing the Shopify POS app over the last couple of weeks before we go live next week, and we have run into an issue when customers are returning an item that was originally purchased by a Gift Card. In this scenario Shopify refunds the original Gift card amount to the original gift card number, but there will be scenarios when this original gift card number has been discarded i.e. either the physical gift card was fully used and thrown away or the gift recipient was handed a print out of the gift card number and they have discarded the number when they made their original purchase.

Looking through the options within POS, how do we re-print a gift card for a customer if a transaction has been returned to the original gift card, but the original gift card is not available? The help documentation says find the original order that the gift card was purchased on, but how does the gift recipient know when the gifter bought the gift card? You cannot search for a gift card last 4 digits in the POS search. 

We have tested printing the receipt on the return order i.e. the order that puts the balance back into the gift card, but this does not re-print the gift Card number or QR code on the return receipt?

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Hi @EricaDixon, I'm Neomi from app,

we specialized in gift cards, loyalty and returns using store credit.

We created the "loyalty card" where your customer has all of his earned store credit - from gift cards, rewards or refunds. This way you can issue a refund to the customers' loyalty card without needing the physical gift card he paid with. your customer can also see all of his earnings on his account page on your online store.

Rise app is fully integrated with Shopify POS - you can ran a loyalty program and a gift card program that will work seamlessly with your POS and online store.

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did you ever get to the bottom of this? I’m doing the exact same, and other than going through previous orders to find the original gift voucher to print.