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Hi, I am sure this question is already been asked but I didn't really get it... We have a physical shop which is usually really busy and we are planning to expand the shop online using Shopify. When in the physical store someone is buying a product, we want to make sure this product is still available, but we don't have much time to check on the Shopify store so our request is:

1) is it possible to synchronize the offline inventory with the online one?

2) is there a way to check through a smartphone (or whatever easy to manage, passing a barcode or similar) the availability in real-time?

Hope I was clear enough, sorry but English is not my first language... Thank you!

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Dear @mikeltake,

A great solution for your concern is integrating an efficient POS app into your current Shopify store, and ConnectPOS will be a perfect choice!

ConnectPOS delivers real-time synchronization between online and offline store. Your store won't miss any essential info about products, orders or customers. The synchronization is instantly and automatically, so it's really easy for your staff to run the store and avoid wasting time on abundant task.

ConnectPOS also supports scanning QR codes and barcodes from mobile phones to simplify the shopping experience.

Some other outstanding features are:

  • Compatible for both PC and mobile phones
  • Apply discount, custom price, coupon code at checkout
  • Accept up to 20 payment methods
  • Print receipt

I think this app is the best solution for all of your requests. If you have further questions, the team is always ready to provide 24/7 support.

Hope this can help you!


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