Refund to a Custom Payment Type (Store Credit) in new POS

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We use to be able to process a client return and give a "store credit". With the new POS, we no longer see that option during a return. Only shows up when checking out a new transaction. The only options showing up for returns now are the original form of payment or "Refund balance to gift card" (which sends an email gift card to customer, not helpful for gift exchanges). Is there a setting we need to adjust to allow a custom payment type for a return? 

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Hi @tajBoutique, I'm Neomi from the app,

We specialize in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions.

Using our POS integration you will be able to create store credit refunds easily and quickly.

The refund will accumulate into the customers' loyalty card together with other rewards and gift cards and he will be able to use it in future purchases in your online store or in your physical location.

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Neomi, we run a summer youth camp and have a camp store.  The parents when they register the youth purchase store credit so the youth do not have to bring money to camp.  Is there someway with your app that we can set the youth up as a customer and then pre-load their account with the designated amount of funds.  Then as they purchase things in the store, we (not the youth) can apply that purchase amount to their account balance?