Refunds & Inventory re: Damaged Items

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We sell merch at events using the Shopify POS system. We are running into an issue regarding inventory when a customer needs to return an item that is defective or damaged.  We can issue a refund, but Shopify puts then that item back into inventory when in actuality we would be marking the damaged item out of stock.

Is there any way to account for this other than manually adjusting the inventory?  Right now we are going old school and just writing these items down on paper to track them, which is not very efficient or useful when it comes to reports.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey There, ktpupp! 

My name is Zack, and I'm a Support Guru here at Shopify. 

I saw this post in our forums and thought I'd point out that you can actually use the POS software to issue a refund without returning the item to the inventory! It's quite easy. When you're setting up the refund, you can "tap" on the item that you do not wish to return to the inventory, and it will de-select the item from the refund.

This is how things should look on a single-item order, if you're not returning the item (this screenshot is from my test store):

Then, tap "Edit" at the bottom right to change how much the refund is for. De-selecting the item from the refund automatically drops the refunded amount to $0.00, so we need to "Edit" it to get it to the right number:

It's totally do-able, it just takes making an adjustment to the refund so that the item in question does not get recognized as being "returned" in the refund :)

Give us a shout through our Support Page if you need a hand with anything else! Here's a link to it:

Kind Regards,
-Zack L

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This is one of those standard, reoccurring use cases that Shopify should fix. The UX for us all is clumsy so error-prone and it's not fully tested. For example, at the POS app when one needs to do an exchange say for a broken item received in shipment, yet the replacement is not in stock it appears impossible to mark the exchange as unfulfilled. Our clumsy workaround is remembering - and having the time - to manually go into Shopify browser and mark the exchange orders as unfulfilled. If this is forgotten/missed, the unfulfilled exchange does not appear in our Unfulfileld & Partially Fulfilled queue.