Request to make a POS Receipt template editable

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Request is to make the receipts' template editable like the other templates and notifications in Shopify. Small example would be to be able to move the transaction date to the top. Many other changes I'd like to make but you get the idea.


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I second this! We want to try and make the receipts more compact, and being able to edit it in a similar way to email templates would be amazing!

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We have a hard time with the receipts (although new to shopify POS).   It's printing too much information including ccard processing below receipt.  Breaking down the city, county, state tax instead of one line tax combined.    It would be extremely helpful to have the option to edit the pos receipt template similar to email receipt template.    Not sure why this is so hard for shopify to implement.   

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Seconded! Since mid July 2020 our POS receipts all changed - print size shrank and layout changed. Anyone else seen this? Is it to do with upgrade to 6.11? Support say they can't change it back at the moment........huh?

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Thirded...! yes please to editing POS receipts.

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Agreed, the chnage to receipt layout in mid july (part way through a Saturday trading) was very unfortunate.

All of suddden important information (ie Store Name) was missing from the Receipt.

The receipt being smaller is sort of OK, but some of the information such as store title disappearing was awkward as we have had to work around this.

Some of the fonts a very small and difficult to read.

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Couldn't agree more.

Why was this changed? Was it unintentional? And why no resolution path from support?

We were on the point of moving our POS to Shopify but this has made us decide to retain our legacy system until it's resolved


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Yes! And the receipt for exchanges is so confusing we have to write all over it so the customer can understand what's going on.  

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agreed! the retail POS receipt leaves a lot to be desired...

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Hi there,

I completely understand the need of editing the receipt template! We all want to send our customers documents that look good!

Sufio invoices are created by professional print designers. You can create your own unique invoice by customizing the colors and elements of your template. You can send the invoices automatically and also edit the email template to contain all the information you need. 

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All the best!

Lenka from the Sufio Team 

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I fourth this! My client prefers to remove the total from the top. The total is already on the bottom of the receipt. Also, they are not liking the look of the thick border box around the total at the top (bad for branding).