Requesting the storage of credit card details (Vaulting)

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Currently the system does not allow vaulted credit cards to be used in future transactions with the customer that owns the Card. This is causing us issues as repeat customers have to give use their credit card details over an over again which makes most people suspicious. We have a number of customers that prefer to call or email the cellar door to place their orders and we don't want to lose them.

Note that i am suggesting that vaulting be allowed for named customers only, not casual purchases.

I am not asking for access to the CC details, only that the system allows future orders against a customer be paid with the CC we have on file for that customer

We have four online stores on Shopify now with one POS across and 3 more POS to migrate across from other systems. So the issue above is going to get more important over the next 2 months.

Your competitors Wine Direct and Square have this function? So I don't understand why Shopify is different?

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Our issue is the same did you ever find a resolution?