Restaurant scenario, print two receipts. one for kitchen one for customer

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I own a small cafe with a kitchen. I need to be able to create a customer order from the POS and send it to a printer in the kitchen. It seems an easy way to accomplish this might be to create a draft order and send it to the kitchen printer. Then when the customer is ready to checkout pull up the draft order, process it and print out the customer receipt at the front counter.


The are a few problems with this scenario...

  1. I don't see an option to print draft orders
  2. the POS only supports a single default printer. I would need to manually switch which printer I print to each time...which is tedious.

It seems to me this is a common scenario but I can't seem to find any information on it anywhere. Does anybody have a workaround? Are there any apps in the marketplace to support such a scenario?

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That's correct and also really useful in many cases. However, our app is aimed at kitchens, restaurants, and the kind of business that needs personalized information of the order to prepare it, and "Orders Printer" is oriented to that kind of stores in Shopify, to streamline the workflow with each incoming order as an extra, we add features like re-printing through the same app or that in the same print shows if it is 'pick-up', 'local delivery' or 'shipping' and the shipping address, applying to the last two cases. And much more.