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I am lost and must be missing something fundamental...

We have both POS and online shops. 

I was trying to process a return of an item that was purchased online, but could not find any helpful guidance in the help center.

My questions are:

1. Can I make a return using the admin for purchases made in the POS and vice versa?

2. The only function I have found in both is a "Refund", is that what I am supposed to be using for a return?

3. My understanding is that in order to give the customer a "store credit" (without adding another app) I need to (A) credit the customer in $0 and then (B) issue a gift card. Is that correct or there is a shortcut to credit the customer using a gift card? 


Many thanks, LiLi



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Hello Lili, 


I am looking for an answer for the same problem. Seems fundamental for an 'Omnichannel' platform to be able to exchange goods in the physical stores - bought online. 🤔


Looking forward for a solution to this! 


- Pernille