Review: Good job on the new POS UI but...

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Don't see three highly requested features:

1. Ability to have variable-priced items that have their inventory tracked (not custom sale)

2. Ability to return items against 0 or multiple receipts. Right now it seems you can still only return against 1 (and only 1) receipt.

3. Ability to add a customer to a completed sale.


Important one-time note: if you upgrade to the new POS, you seem to lose your saved carts. Edit: I think this is because I uninstalled the old version in order to get the upgrade.


UI fail: On the orders screen, you can no longer see the customer's name beneath the order.

UI fail: Now takes two taps to get to "Orders" and to "Customers". Suggestion to be able to customize bottom bar.

UI suggestion: ability to disable omni search


Huge improvement: Search function logic now matches admin. Namely, you no longer have to type the words in order they appear in the product title! It searches for them with AND logic.


Like the ability to mail carts from within POS.

Like that the ability to have store pickup is now within POS. Good job on those guys especially in these times. 


Question: the marketing material mentions ability to create purchase orders but I can't find that in the app.

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