Scanning Discount Codes at POS (Feature is mysteriously gone)

Scanning Discount Codes at POS (Feature is mysteriously gone)

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We are attempting to figure out how to re-gain the ability to scan discount codes as Point of Sale. In Shopify POS Classic, we had this ability and it worked flawlessly. However, once we upgraded to the all-new Shopify POS, this feature was mysteriously gone. Yet, it still shows on their manual page on barcode scanners that we should be able to do this:


We have since gotten Shopify to revert us back to POS Classic that we have been operating for the past few months, however, this will be ending soon. With the recent notice of Shopify POS Classic being permanently replaced, we are seeking alternate options. We have different discount codes for different groups of customers and it was much easier and much to have the cashier scan the discount code instead of typing it. This also prevents mistypes that can slow down the process.


I am not sure why Shopify got rid of this feature because it seems like a step-back. With Shopify Classic being replaced permanently, we need an alternative method as hand-typing this information will not work for us in the long run. After talking to Shopify support for months on this subject, there is no answer in sight that we can see. Any alternatives that people have found would be greatly appreciated because Shopify does not deem this as a necessary feature anymore (even though we will be paying more for a POS platform that takes away such features.)


Any feedback found be appreciated!

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Did you ever discover a resolution? We want to create coupons with a barcode that is scanned at checkout but it doesn't seem like that is even possible.

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Yes we are wanting to do the same thing.

Have you found a solution yet?

Come on Shopify. bring the feature back