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I recently created this store in Shopify platform for dropshipping, I began to grow my social media follower base and website visitor base. and the website is perfect and the domain is sweet and easy so I grow fast in numbers although I never actually started selling.

BTW, here is the website: Go check it. 



Recently I've started my new business and no one is there to take care of this business and I have no time to take care of it by myself so decided to sell to anyone who's interested.
here's what I will provide:
1) Domain name & all the credentials.
2) Shopify name & credentials. (by the way, I was in 3 months free trial of Shopify and it still has 1 month and a few days left so you don't have to pay for a month & half)
3) Facebook business page access, Twitter account credentials, Instagram business account access, Youtube account.
4) Gmail (, no recovery email & phone added still now you can add your own & change the pass.
5) The site has its own affiliate system on Goaffpro I'll provide the id & password.
6) Shella premium theme for Shopify (I've added a few changes by myself according to the website).

What this site has:
fast & perfect design, Some premium & free plugins you can activate or just disable according to your need such as (paypal automatic tracking upload, tractor order tracking), It has facebook pixel & google analytics added, Facebook (messenger) chat integrated, Messenger bot integrated, Facebook automatic shop sync apps integrated, facebook ads app integrated everything is free except PayPal tracking upload & tracktor order tracking you can use 17order track for free & disable the paypal tracking if you don't need. and the rest are free. You don't need any extra fee except the Shopify monthly charges. This website also has it's own customer care center on fresh desk, you can visit all & everything will be sold for $400. here is my Facebook if you want to know anything more.

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