Selling Physical Gift Cards through Zettle POS

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Hi all,


I’m trying to find a work around where I can sell physical gift cards through Zettle POS  that can be spent through the Zettle POS system at markets and through my online Shopify store. 
Little complicated but hope that makes sense. I get requests for physical gift cards when I attend markets and events but they want the recipient to be able to spend it through my online store. I currently use Zettle POS for all my sales and I wondered if now Shopify and Zettle have an integration if there was something for gift cards? 

many thanks

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I am facing the exact same challenge. We currently utilise Zettle for selling at events. How can I integrate purchased gift vouchers so that customers can redeem them on our Shopify store? It's crucial to ensure that customers cannot double-use vouchers on both Zettle and through Shopify. Implementing this integration would greatly enhance our operations.