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Selly App Causing Lag On POS

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Question for the fantastic Shopify Hive Mind...


We have 3 retail outlets all running POS Pro. We use the Selly app by Treedify to manage our multibuy and wholesale discounts as well as our loyalty points scheme. Everything has been working fine for the past 2 years, until the 8.5 update. Ever since then, all of the systems have become very laggy, the longer they are open.


When we open the POS app it works perfectly for the first couple of transactions, but after 10 minutes or so, the whole POS app becomes unresponsive. We have updated everything to the latest version (iOS 16.4.1 / POS 8.9.0).


This morning, I removed the Selly tiles from POS, just to see if that was the cause of the problem. Yes, it was, POS is running perfectly fine without Selly. The problem is, we need Selly because our loyalty program is embedded in to their system.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Has anyone found a solution? Does anyone know a way of exporting our loyalty points data from Selly?



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We are experiencing an issue with the Selly app on the POS device, too. We have promotions built in the Selly app to run our event offers. This has worked seamlessly before. You add an item to your cart on the POS device, check the Selly app for the discount, apply said discount, and you're good to go. For some reason now the Selly app is not keeping the discounts toggled "on"  in the POS device. We've checked for updates on the POS device itself, removed Selly, reapplied it, performed a factory reset - no luck. Do not understand why it is no longer working. Interested to learn if anyone has any suggestions here.