Send Hourly Sales Data of a Specific Location to API

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Hi, my client who runs multi-location physical stores via Shopify POS is requested by the mall management of one of the locations to send hourly sales data to a web API. Can anybody be so kind to point me in the right direction on how can we do that? 

An example request to the web API, given by the mall management:


Type : POST
Content-Length: 159
content-type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer
[#### I assume this is where the token lives ####]

Request Body :
{"machineid": "71000005","batchid": "1", "date": "2021-12-15","hour": "20","receiptcount": "50",
"gto": "1291.54","gst": "10.55","discount": "0", "servicecharge": "5.10","noofpax": "0", "cash": "8.97",
"nets": "0", "visa": "76.78", "mastercard": "0", "amex": "47.80", "voucher": "0", "othersamount": "57.99",
"gstregistered": "N"}




I originally thought of using the webhook, but 1) the webhook doesn't seem to send hourly sales data but each order/transaction; 2) The client only wishes to send sales data of one location (that is located in the mall) as she doesn't wish to overshare her data. 

Thanks in advance for any of your response.

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