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Setting our own MOH quantities for purchasing (Stocky)

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Looking for recommendations on how to force Stocky to allow us to set our own minimum quantity to keep on hand so we can stop manually having to do every purchase order. Current system, according to the shopify retail help team, only allows you to let Shopify set thresholds for what their metrics think your inventory levels should be. This is useless for a store that has just transferred over to Shopify as they don't allow you to import your sales history data. Regardless, their random metrics don't mesh with my reality of what my store needs to have on hand and what quantities I need to order in. Is there a work around? 

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The only work around is another POS provider. Will Shopify hire more programmers to fix their problems? Not sure, But what I am sure is they have enough money to hire a few.

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In Stocky under the locations menu, you can set Min and Max stock for each product. This sounds like what you are trying to achieve.

Here's the help page on using these: 


Good luck!

Andy - new user to Shopify.