Ship from warehouse, pick up in store

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We have enabled local pickup for products stocked at our POS. That works great and all, but I'm looking for a pickup solution in the same POS for products stocked at our warehouse. 

As of now I have created a free shipping option: Collect at POS. This allows customers to buy whatever we have stocked in the warehouse and pick it up at our retail location the next day.

My issue is that when fulfilling these orders, there is no way to automatically send out the "ready for pickup" email from Shopify.  Would be great if I can edit these orders for local pickup but I can't find a way to do this. 

Is there a way around this? Or does someone have a better solution?

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We have the same issue. Cannot have second location do curbside pick at retail location.


PAIN IN THE A----------------.


Thanks, Shopify developers that have NEVER run a business.