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I am new to Shopify and have the Basic plan.  I use USPS for shipping.    When I ship out a product, I can't seem to find the tracking number. of the package.  Where do I find that ?

Thanks again!

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Hi @JStall ,

When you receive an order, once you prepare it you should:

1. Click the "Mark as prepared" button .

2. Introduce the shipping number (this should be provided by USPS, or you can also see it in the shipment ticket)

3. In the option "Transport Provider"  you should select USPS in your case.

4. You can activate the option of sending a notification to the client

5. Once you confirm the order preparation, the message will be send automatically (if you have selected this option) and you will have the option to consult the order status.

If you have any doubts you can attach an image of your issue and we will try to help you as much as we can,


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The guidelines mentioned above will definitely help you out in regards to finding the tracking number. But if you’d ever want to use more carriers and give your customers a chance to easily track their parcels, take a look at a Shopify app called Trackr 

The app will allow you to create a branded tracking page where customers can conveniently see the latest status of their shipments. Trackr also offers the option to enable notifications so customers could be informed as soon as their shipment info has changed.