Shopify 1D barcode scanner connected and then disconnected after turn off screen

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We use Shopify POS on iPad, we connected barcode scanner and then scan barcode it is successful.

but after I turn off my iPad screen, it will be disconnected barcode scanner and then I cannot scan barcode anymore.

I've tried a lot of times it still have same situation.

Did anyone else have same issue?

I know we can use iPad camera, but if we can use barcode scanner it will be great and convenient


My iPad is iPadOS 16.5.1

Barcode scanner model:Socket Mobile S700

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Hi yes I am having the same exact issue. Then we are having trouble getting it to reconnect. Sometimes it works after forgetting it and restarting but then others just gets stuck on the connecting screen. Hopefully there will be an update soon to fix this issue. 

Shopify Partner
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Hi Dylan,

The issue was caused by Apple changing something in iPadOS 16.5. If you update your iPad to 16.6 the issue should be resolved.