shopify allows scammers to use they platform and do nothing

shopify allows scammers to use they platform and do nothing

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Scammers use freely this system! i have told shopify about this and they did nothing. not even an answer to my post. 

you should be ashamed, only money counts here and the safety of your customer counts for nothing

go to hell all of you


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Hi @Coco12, thank you for reaching out here.

I am sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with an online store - can you please tell me more about this? When was this order placed? Did you pay via Credit Card, or Paypal? As Shopify is software used by merchants to build their businesses upon, I would have no access to information regarding your order. However with that being said, I do completely understand to order something online and have it not arrive is always disappointing. 

Were you given an idea of delivery date when you placed the order? The easiest and best way to sort this out would be to get in touch with the store directly if possible. Are you able to reply to any emails from the store, the order confirmation email for example? Does the store website have a contact phone number, email or social media link?

If at least 30 days have passed and you have neither received the item, nor had a reply from the merchant, then I would advise reaching out to your bank for their advice on next steps to take. If you feel concerned this store may present a threat of fraud, you can use our "Report a merchant" function here. All stores submitted here are sent directly to our legal team for them to review. 

I have some additional information and resources here which may of help in reaching out to the store. I wish you all the best going forward!

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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Corinne Villette
13:13 (2 minutes ago)
to Shopify
thank you for your response, i tried to notify you last year and nothing
happened. The order costing me 160€ was placed last year around the 10th of
september 2020 and paid by debit card. Which is impossible to cancel.
They said it would take about 4 to 6 weeks and it never arrived. i sent
numerous emails and they sent back generic replies, saying it was coming ,
they had back log because too many orders... never really answering my
questions. I kept on sending mails but nothing ever came. i sent warnings
on facebook, various internet police organizations and your services but no
answer. There are so many complaints on the web about them and nobody does
anything to stop them. i read some recent complaints on internet from
September 2021! They are scammers , it is clear from their website which
has no telephone numbers, a Hong kong address. you can never reach
them...See below the email they sent me which was just sent to gain time
and make me think that something was going to happen.
Please check on the company as I think this is all fake. you have the
records of the people and company who signed the contract with shopify for
sure. Please check all records and start policing your members. it reflects
very badly on Shopify.
Let me know if you need more info. It was last year but I will not leave it
alone. I will do everything in my power to stop them. Enough of these
scammers and nobody does anything. I pay my taxes, I work hard and when I
do something remotely out of order I get all kinds of trouble and fines! So
why are these con artists still operating freely? Also have a look at
Trustpilot site and see the comments from numerous unhappy customers
please check their company details ect... I will keep on posting the worst
comments on the web in the meantime.

*From:* Customer Query
*Date:* 7 December 2020 at 16:11:09 CET
*To:* "Corinne Villette (Sanara Estates Marbella)" <>
*Subject:* *[Request Received]*
*Reply-To:* Customer Query

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2 years later and the company Inspirational Gadget is still in business like nothing happened! Shopify is not concerned and is helping internet fraud, they are only concerned about their investors profits! So many complaints on the web! but nobody cares! your time of free loading and harbouring criminals is counted! i am fed up with this dictatorship of companies like yours and i will not stop fighting !