Shopify closed my account for allegedly breach of its AUP policy 🫤

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I just got an email today saying my store will be closed and funds will be held for 120 days then after 120 days payment released to me due to alleged breach of AUP policy.

I have been with shopify for almost 3 years and always obliged by their terms and conditions so I don’t know how I manage to be in line with this so called “AUP breach”


But anyways, my question is , I can’t wait for 120 days to get payment to my account and am not going to ship goods to customers for which money I haven’t received in my personal account. So is there a way for shopify to just issue this customer directly a refund instead of having to pay me in 120 days. By the way, this was a pos transaction as well. 

Has anyone else been in a similar predicament as me before? Please share your thoughts and ways to achieving a resolution 


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How'd you violate it?
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Well unfortunately shopify doesn’t disclose specifics on how I violated so
called AUB policy. They just point you in direction of some vague boring
7mins read about their AUB policy. Like I said in my earlier post, I have
been with shopify for almost 3 years now and never had any issues until now
that will warrant the closure of my account