Re: Shopify Customer Service Used to be great...NOT ANYMORE

Shopify Customer Service Used to be great...NOT ANYMORE

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How does Shopify boldly state "Customer Service when you need it 24/7" when its not true!!! After wasting so much time trying to fix the issue then trying to finally get someone on the phone  and they tell me they can't help me with the hardware issue, I need retail customer support and they don't work on the weekend!!!!! MY SHOP IS OPEN ON THE WEEKEND!!!!! It is absolutely frustrating to have a problem with the credit card machine while you are doing business; but its ten times worse to waste so much valuable business time reading the Shopify support site looking for help or trying find a Customer Support number to call when none of the scenarios will fix the issue.  I am reduced to entering credit card payments manually which cost more money to do than have my customers swipe or tap which is what the machine is supposed to do.  The most recent Shopify updated knocked out my credit card machine and it will not pair because it thinks its a different card machine.  And now you tell me that your 24/7 Customer Service IS NOT REALLY 24/7??? But you are collecting fees 24/7, right?? So now I am reduced to waiting for them to call me on Monday when my retail shop is closed...oh just great!! Shopify used to have such good service...I am so disappointed!! Shopify do your retailers!!! Even message this system is deceiving...the preview says I am a new member...not true, and that this post is a month old...not was written on 2/26/2022...JUST DO BETTER!! 

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Hi @Michele821 


Thank you for sharing your experience here in the community forums. I understand that this post was made a little bit ago but I wanted to follow up with you to ensure you received the help you needed. 


Shopify does strive to provide world class level support through our live channels and I want to make sure that is the experience you are receiving all the time. While our dedicated retail support team works Monday to Friday, our standard support does have the ability to troubleshoot issues and escalate for additional support. 


While I am not able to directly review tickets myself (since I am not able to authenticate accounts, this is to protect your account security) I do have the ability to have a ticket reviewed to ensure all the appropriate support was provided. If you would be willing to share that ticket number with me here, I can make that happen.


You also mentioned some visual issues on the community forums here. The new member status is specifically for the community forums and changes based on the amount of posts/replies you make. The new member status is totally separate from your store's age or how long you have been working on the Shopify platform. 


I also am seeing that this post was created on the date you mentioned, 2/26/2022. If you are seeing something different still, please let me know. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I agree 100%. I have been with shopify for 7 years and I am seriously looking at other platforms to move my business to. The customer service is horrible in comparison to the years past. and this shopify plus ? Starts at $2000 a month , to basically get what the original plans offered ? INSANE!!! I paid off my shopify captial of $1600 and they have charged my account this amount twice. now im sitting here 5 days later and it still has not been refunded. If anyone knows of a platform that is more like what this used to be please let me know, Im over shopify.