Shopify mobile app - Barcode scanner doesn't work (UK)

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Using the Shopify app for Android (on S10), if I go to a product > Inventory > Click the scan barcode button - I try to scan a barcode, any barcode and it simply does not work.


Expected result: immediately recognise a barcode and place the number into "Barcode (ISBN, UPC, etc)" field.

Actual result: the scanner opens but no barcode is successfully detected/registered upon being presented with a barcode.


I am based in the UK and scanning UK products e.g. packet of polo mints, my own product, alcohol sanitiser (don't read into it - just what I had to hand) - none of them work.  Scanning a barcode is a terribly simple task to carry out so not sure where the problem is. 


In addition, I tried cleaning my camera lens.  I tried pressing the screen to manually trigger/attempt to better focus. I tried slowly panning out.  


I'm confused why can I not scan a barcode with the Shopify app?  Is there a trick?




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Hey there, @danabdn!


Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with scanning your barcodes, but I'd be happy to offer some clarification and see if I can assist with getting this sorted.


I wasn't able to replicate the steps you mentioned on my end here (product > inventory > click scan barcode button), so first I'd like to confirm whether you're trying to do this on the Shopify App or the Shopify POS app. Barcode scanning cannot be done on the Shopify App, as it's specifically a Point of Sale feature. If it is the POS app you're using, you'll want to ensure that you've granted the POS app access to your device's camera.


Are the barcodes you're scanning barcodes that you've created and printed out through the Retail Barcode Labels app? The only barcodes that will register through your POS app are ones that have already been associated to your uploaded products. You can learn more about creating barcodes here.


It sounds like you might be trying to update your inventory information through scanning, is that right? You can't scan in inventory with Shopify POS. The barcode scanner is for built for quickly adding products to the cart before checkout when selling in person. If you're looking for a solution to update inventory levels through scanning, you might be interested in the third party app Quick Scan. This app allows you to scan in each physical product to add to your existing stock levels.


I hope this helps answer your question! If there's anything I can clarify, please let me know.



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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The barcode scanner in the Shopify application (not the POS) doesn't focus on the barcode (i.e. the camera doesn't work properly). 


In the POS it works super well. My question is if the function exists to scan barcodes in the Shopify application, why can't you guys just use the same technology as in the POS to make sure the barcode scanner works??


If it can't be done, then why is it even there?? Obviously, it should be there... and it should WORK!! How do you expect us to go around working on inventory aside from using a smartphone or tablet that can scan?



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Agreed - in what world would a feature be present in an app and not work? What am I missing??

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Strangely enough, although it didn't focus or work yesterday or this
morning... when I tried to show my colleague, it started working for the
first time regardless of the distance my camera was from the barcode.

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What’s oddly enough is that this is suppose to be an easy 1,2,3 process and it’s so difficult getting this software set up !!!

I have two stores, one I use CLOVER in which I was trying to use Shopify for this new store since both stores websites are based off Shopify so I figured it would be easy with tracking inventory better. 

First off it took me 3 days with trying to figure out how to successfully print a barcode label. I tried first using the WIRELESS DYMO LABEL WRITER.....I couldn’t print a barcode from my iPad, Mac Book, iPhone or MAC desktop. I truly don’t understand why that is a printer you guys recommend if it doesn’t even work. I then hooked up my BROTHER QL-800 that I normally use on my clover and I finally was able to print a barcode from my MAC desktop. However I still couldn’t print from my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. 
Also be mindful that I was using the suggest RETAIL BARCODE app the entire time. 

For a moment I had some sense of relief because I know I put in at least 9 hours over the course of 3 days trying to solely figure out how to print the barcode. Next I scanned the barcode with the MPOP barcode scanner and it wouldn’t even scan. I tried everything. I download the MPOP utility app, also reconnect the equipment and it just wouldn’t scan. So then I went to the BROTHER QL-800 software on the Mac Desktop and I made another barcode label l. I then went to my inventory and input the barcode number on one of the styles to run a test. I then went to the SHOPIFY POS APP and scanned the barcode and it finally scanned but the item wouldn’t pop up. 

At this point I’m just beyond frustrated. It should not be this hard to print a barcode and scan! We are open for business and don’t have one single barcode on any item because we simply cannot successful print a useable barcode for this system. This needs to be fixed. There is no reason why we have access to do certain things through Shopify but we simply cannot use it and we are so limited to software especially with APPLE !!


Im definitely reconsidering returning this and going back clover. Being a business owner is hard enough, I seriously don’t need this extra stress. & to top that , I can’t even get a representative on the phone to help because you guys removed the number from the site. It’s just ridiculous.  

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We're having this same issue! How can the inventory scanner not work on the app? We're considering sending back the whole POS kit if this isn't sorted ASAP. It works one day and then not the next, with no discernible reason why currently.

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We have loaded the barcode app and have barcodes throughout our store that work properly.  However, from time to time, our barcodes will not scan.  It says "item not found".  The item is loaded, active and barcoded.  Help?