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Shopify Payments Card Reader Questions Disconnects and Battery LIfe?

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We are considering switching to Shopify POS and have concerns over the chip reader and tap chip card readers.

We are used to having a backup stripe card reader that works in the iPad lightning or headphone jacks and are NOT battery operated devices. We use the POS at locations without electricity. 

How long are the readers holding charge? AND..... Are there any issues keeping the bluetooth connection

between reader and iPad?

We currently use Square and having great luck with connections and having the plug in backup, but battery life on the chip reader version is not great.

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I have this same issue; I use the plugin square reader about once a day due to battery life or internet connectivity issues at outdoor markets; we switch to offline mode. It looks like there is a plug-in no battery swipe reader in Canada for shopify, but I'm trying to figure out what happens if I used one of those in the USA.