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Shopify POS external merchant terminal

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I am trying to figure out how to add an external merchant terminal to my Shopify POS?  I need it to be synced so that when I get to 'select payment option' it talks to our merchant terminal automatically and the customer can just tap and pay.  Has anyone in Australia figured out how to do this?  My merchant terminal is from Tyro.


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Hi - we are considering a new POS solution for our physical store in Australia, and considering Shopify POS.

Does anyone know if Shopify POS actually works in Australia? Are there any payment solutions which integrate? It seems some people are re-keying a sale into a third party EFTPOS terminal - yikes!



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Hey Andrew,

I am going through this process right now - follow this link to see how my merchant terminal provider (Tyro) is getting us to link up to Shopify POS.

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Hey Libby, 

How did you go with the integration? Is it working out well?