Shopify POS Feature Spotlight: Google Local Inventory sync

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Hello Shopify merchants 👋


Sebastien here, and I want to help you get the most out of Shopify POS by showing you its features and how to see great results using them. 


Today, let’s talk about Google Local Inventory sync, a powerful new way to get your store’s products found by nearby shoppers at zero additional cost, increase foot traffic, and grow your sales. 


Use Google Local Inventory sync to connect your store’s product catalog with your Google Business Profile and create free product listings that appear in Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Maps whenever local shoppers search for that product type. If you want to extend your listings’ reach, you can choose to boost them with Google Ads. 


With Google Local Inventory listings, shoppers see essential information like whether your store carries the product, how much stock you have left, where your store is located, and whether fulfillment options like local pickup are available. 


Want to learn more? Read this article to learn how it works, and how to set it up in Shopify. 👇


How to Reach Nearby Shoppers with Google Local Inventory Listings and Ads


Happy reading! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Google has told us we can't sync our inventory unless we use a hardwired scanner. No bluetooth scanners per them. Have Shopify changed it so we can use hardwired scanners? Thanks!

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@Ranksy the reviews on using the app are very worrisome. We can't use Pointy by Google because Shopify refuses to code hardwired scanners (which would be a welcome change - as would a bigger screen size than an ipad). Have the issues with Shopify taking control of the Google app fixed? We aren't prepared to hand over our control to Shopify until we know the bugs have been worked out, and in the meantime we lose massive online exposures because we can't get our products listed with Google. Please help!