Shopify POS for pub / bar ?

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We run a small bar / brewery.

We currently use iZettle Pro on an iPad with izettle card reader and mPOP cash drawer.

We are considering doing some e-commerce and online orders/local delivery.


Rather than try and maintain 2 separate systems, I was looking at all in one solutions.

 It seems Lightspeed and Shopify are two options.


How well does Shopify work as a POS on an iPad and a busy bar? 

1) wil it do tabs?

2) Gift cards I assume are well supported?

3) Presumably cash sales dont incur any extra payments to Shopify.

4) Anyway to add inventory based say on a 30Litre keg of beer and then sell in portions of L or pint? Each serving 

would deduct remaining amount from initial 30L keg?

5) Can multiple users easily switch to their own account on the iPad? without removing an existing order from another user.


Anything else.


Thanks :)

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I'd love to use Shopify POS so we can integrate inventories from online vs onsite.  Preauthorizing cards at tab creation would be an absolute necessity.  I assume that is a shopify issue and your app cannot change that?

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I'm also in the same boat - with Covid we had to shift our brick & mortar "Bar meets Craft Workshop" to an online store and have always used Square for the bar. I want to make the switch to simply marketing and inventory efforts. If only the 2 iPads talked to each seriously how hard would it be to add a toggle switch and a better Open Tabs section?!?! It's super frustrating and I've mentioned this to the Shopify reps I've talked to over the last year and they say the same thing...we can send it up the chain but it's not on their radar...

Shopify, anyone there to help us all out? You are missing out on a HUGE market of people who actively want to give you money! 

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Hi there, we're also an eShop based out of Berlin and we have been working with sumup, where we have the similar bottleneck as you all have. Tapping in the payment due is manual work and tracing which payment belongs to which order is an equal pain. 

We are now working with iZettle. It integrates with Shopify and it can pull our entire inventory, prices and product data. However, when an order is created in Zettle, the inventory is neatly adjusted but the order is only shown in Zettle; it is not shown in Shopify which will give us problems down the line with our sales reporting, invoicing and (if needed) creating labels. I've reached out to Zettle for more info / possibiliies. I don't understand why the zettle shopify app does not create manual orders when even the simple returns app can do that. I'll keep you notified. 


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Is there an update on thsi topic?