Shopify POS Lite Couldn't Load Checkout Error

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We needed to restart our iPad and when we opened the shopify app we found the new pos app in its place.

The new app is dropping in a few days so this was a chance to play around with it. What I found was only one staff accounts could login to the app, not the owner account. I talked to support, who had me update the iPad as several features in the app weren't showing like "Save Cart" and changing the "Lock Screen" timer. After the update was installed those features showed up and worked. We cashed out a customer only to find an error when it came time to take payment (Couldn't Load Checkout).

The app is up to date along with the iPad. Is anyone else having this issue?

I've only been with Shopify for over a year because I wanted to have my brick and mortar POS in the cloud. I have to say I'm disappointed with the bate and switch of the $79 plan being for retail brick and mortar a year ago and now being told that app is really on for a popup and you need to app the POS Pro for another $89 a month for what I can see is standard features. Sorry, just frustrated with Shopify and my iPad app that's no longer working for me to cashout my customers.

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I totally feel this too-- we've been receiving the same error/same difficulty with missing features etc that are essentially just baiting us to upgrade to PRO which means a lot more money spent per month when you have multiple locations!


how did you resolve the checkout error? we just had to leave the sale and process it at another store.

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I had this error and ended up fixing it simply by rebooting.