Shopify POS not updating changes made to Store Admin

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Hi, I have the Shopify POS app installed on my Samsung Galaxy S10 - downloaded the latest OS software for my phone and also have the most updated version of your POS app. 

I only have two products I want available in my POS. I created a collection, added them both, made sure they were available via POS sales channel. 

My mobile Shopify POS app updates the collection name, as I was troubleshooting by deleting it and changing it. I have the Shopify app installed on my phone as well - I can see both products in that app. But I only see one product in the Shopify POS app. So there seems to be a syncing issue with the POS app. 


I've forced quit the POS app and restarted my phone. Still shows as 1 product. I've also waited 20 minutes for the app to update. 


Changes don't seem to be syncing in Shopify POS. Any other suggestions? Thanks! 



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