Shopify POS on Android - looking for a partner to develop a serial data interface to Forecourt

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A shot in the dark....


We are about to start using Shopify POS, we are a small fishing tackle shop that also sells fuel.


In order to manage our fuel sales, we are required to use a console that communicates using an RS232 interface.


Wondering if anyone has done anything similar using android and a RS232 to USB adapter?


The use case is as follows;


Customer fills with fuel and attends the counter

Customer advises pump number,

Operator verifies amount of sale on console

Console sends RS232 message (as per attached specification) to Android device running Shopify POS

Android device creates item sale in Shopify POS

Optional: Operator scans other items customer wishes to purchase

Operator completes sale and issues tax invoice

Operator processes payment through 3rd party EFTPOS teminal


RS232 Specification 


Any thoughts?





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