Shopify POS order ID's randomly change format.

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If anyone can shed some light on this strange issue arising with Order ID's it will be a huge help. 


Order ID’s coming from Shopify POS seem to randomly change in their format. Sometimes they’re created as order ID for example: #CL7-1160 (7 relates to the device ID of the POS terminal). Other times they’re created as #CL-3560 (following the same order sequence as the online orders) - in this case the device ID of the POS terminal is not in the order number. However, the 2 orders will have been placed by exactly the same device ie Device ID 7 from the exact same location and also by the exact same staff member.

It’s very strange and I have closely compared the orders to understand why. But they seem to chop and change between these formats without any interference and intermittently on a given day. 

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