Shopify Stop Paying Carbon Offset On Our Behalf. Lower our Monthly Fees. Stop Being Big Brother!

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So Shopify thinks they know best about our life and beliefs that they pay our carbon offsets for us.

How about you lower our monthly fees and let us choose where we want our hard earned dollars to go.


$79 Monthly

$89 Monthly for PRO

$168 Monthly Total

$2016 Annually

How About $99 Monthly and I'll Pay my own Carbon Offset!!!

PS I'm going let my car idle a little longer every morning when I get up! Just for you!



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I guess all you that read this topic believe the what your paying for. Stop being a sheep!

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I'll just hop in here and say that I'm glad to see Shopify offering both an optional and mandatory carbon offset. I'm glad to pay a little bit more to have the environmental impact of selling online offset automatically. I will also be engaging in an optional carbon offset too in order to increase our company's offset. 

I think that the idea of someone idling their car as retribution for this measure is both incredibly childish and depressingly destructive. To intentionally increase carbon emissions because you don't like that an organization is making moves to decrease them is deplorable.  Maybe you should exercise the choice you seem to value so much and choose another ecommerce platform.......