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Singapore | POS | Credit Card Readers Recommendation

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Hi everyone,

I run a Shopify store in Singapore and am looking to do a small pop-up to gain some offline exposures.

However, I'm just completely confused as to what credit card reader I need to get for in-person transactions. Shopify does not offer Shopify integrated credit card readers in Singapore, so I need to use a third-party card reader and somehow integrate it back to Shopify POS. 

I've read through posts in this community and Googled numerous times and I'm also corresponding with Shopify support staff concurrently, but I'm still not quite sure what machine/model type I need to get so the integration goes without an issue.

Any recommendation would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance! 




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Hi @AmandaW,

You're correct, Shopify POS hardware isn't available in Singapore. 

In saying that though, there are some Shopify supported third party hardware which is recommended. You can see the full list for it in the Shopify help guide for supported third party POS hardware here

I'm not too familiar with all of the equipment so can't say which I like more or not and it would vary depending on your needs. Hope this helps! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.