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Does your S700 Socket Scanner keep disconnecting time to time?  

Ours disconnected again today and every time when I try to connect it, it's being unsuccessful on Shopify but connecting on iPad as Bluetooth device?

Anybody else having this software issue or if it's just me I will replace the scanner.

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We have had this issue for months now (since about November 2018). We've gone back and forth with Shopify support as well as with the manufacturer. Shopify's current recommendation is to perform a factory reset of our iPad. I would like to try this but there is no way to backup the POS register shifts as these are stored locally on the iPad. It's quite frustrating for any staff that have to use it. The system worked flawlessly for the first couple of months and then things went downhill from there. We are also experiencing an issue where, occasionally,  the shop is logged out completely from the POS app after powering down the iPad. The two issues might be related. Have you also had this issue with your setup?


We are using the Socket Mobile SocketScan S740 (2D scanner) with a new 6th generation iPad.

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I experienced the same things. Every time if we turn off the iPad it logs out. Even we did during a shift twice, some of the total sales from the shift disappeared. Connection issue with scanner is related to IPAD or POS app. Scanner working fine. I tried on our other stores. It's pairing fast. I guess Sometimes app or Ipad stucks.


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Have you tried using the scanner while it's connected to the charger? I've had issues with the shopify bluetooth card reader disconnecting constantly, forcing me to pair and reconnect. But I found that if the card reader is connected to a power source (charger) it will automatically reconnect when I have a sale. Since the scanner is also bluetooth, it might work on that as well.

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We are also experiencing issues with the Socket barcode scanner.  It disconnects several times a week - sometimes even several times a day.  We purchased a new one last year in October, thinking our 18 month old scanner was bad.  The new one is just as bad.  We have done all the trouble shooting everyone here has mentioned and have contacted support various times.  We have done all their trouble shooting recommendations as well.  It is time consuming to have to un-pair and re-pair the scanner every time it shuts off.  Sometimes we have to shut off Bluetooth and repair all devices to get it to re-pair.  It is clumsy to have to scan items with the iPad camera so that is not a good solution.  We are trying to get this worked out before the holiday season is upon us.  Has anyone found a solution? We have tried keeping it plugged in and it still disconnects.  And it's not even a year old yet!  Thanks for any suggestions!