Socket Mobile S700 will stop scanning at POS checkout and only scan barcode in the search field.

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We have been having a reoccurring problem with Shopify POS as it pertains to the Socket Mobile s700 scanner.   I have updated the IPAD to the latest iOS and have also updated the Shopify POS app to the latest version.   The issue we are having is that at the checkout screen, the scanner will not scan the item's barcode into the cart.  But if we select the search bar and scan the item into the search bar, the item will appear on search and we can then click on the item to add it to the cart.   Obviously its a work around but not the most ideal as we have had multiple instances where our staff will click the item twice by accident and overcharge a customer, or they forget to select the item once scanned and it does not go into the cart.     I have called Shopify support about this and they recommended that it may be that the scanner needs to be reset to scan barcodes, however that is not the solution to this problem.   I have also removed the scanner from the iPad and reinstalled it via the Shopify POS app.  This seems to work temporarily and the scanner will revert back to only scanning items in the search bar.   I have also tried other s700 scanners as well and they all end up with the same issue.

Has anyone else experienced this?  And if so, anybody able to figure out a solution?

Thank you in advance!


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Oh ya, Ours does the same thing. And Oh the developers are working on it as the shopify help tells us.

I truly believe there is only one developer, and they are not developing because in a year I have not seen anything

new come out of shopify. They are only attempting to put band aids the F-up systems they put in place.


Love the term shopify help uses. "WORK AROUND" it's kind like "CIRCLE BACK"

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We are struggling with this as well, and constantly looking like we have no clue what we are doing. It's hard to look professional when the scanners don't work, and it takes 4 minutes to execute the work around. Please prioritize this.

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I couldn't believe it when I saw this in the discussion thread. I have been having an ongoing issue for months with items not scanning in the POS. Barcodes match when I look on the admin side, call Shopify Retail and go through all the steps with no results. We have had instances you will hear the beep and didn't really scan into the POS which then messes up inventory if it wasn't caught by my team member. The Shopify Guru have had me uninstall, factory reset the scanner, I check daily for updates so the POS is always up to date and still having issues. Have had no results. I have a sign at the counter to double check that every item has scanned prior to taking payment and we have been asked to write down the item, time and order number so give to Shopify. Just what I needed to find more time to submit all this information to them which I have given up on since my other issues haven't been resolved. But bonus we now a new bar on the order screen in admin that pop ups and can't hide.

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Is there a workaround to bypass using the supported Sockey Barcode scanners, and use another model? Is anyone using UNsupported barcode scanner and having success? Use a WIFI or even a wired Scanner as a detached keyboard by using an IPad Hub adapter? 

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Hi Shopify - has this issue been fixed? I am having the same issue. It will be hard to train staff to use as it is very clunky.

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I called today as I am having the same issue on my 3rd IPad where I just installed the system ( however not on my other two) and they had no idea on how to fix it. Completely useless. This shouldn’t happen and they are of no help. Ridiculous customer service. 

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We haven’t had the issue in a while, make sure all your apps are updated
and also you have the latest iOS installed. Then power cycle your iPad.
Hope you find a solution!