Socket Mobile scanner (S700) not pairing with Shopify POS.

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I bought the Lenovo M10 Plus to use with Shopify POS and the Socket Mobile S700 scanner. When I try to pair the scanner using either Shopify POS or the Socket Mobile companion app, the scanner pairs with the tablet, but is not shown as connected in the Shopify POS app, so cannot be used. The scanner connects easily with my Samsung phone, so it is not an issue with using an android device. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? I have dealt with a support person at Socket Mobile and they do not understand the problem. The Shopify POS app also closes down a lot on the tablet.

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Completely disconnect the Socket scanner from the tablet - in Bluetooth settings, "forget" the scanner.


Then reconnect the scanner through the Shopify app, NOT through the tablet's settings.



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Hi there. I have tried this a few times, but no change.
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Been having the same issue and can't get anything to work so I have to manually search for all items.


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This happened to me for the first time today but on an iPad. I tried
restarting, logging out, forgetting the scanner, scanning the barcode to
reset the scanner, etc. Only after updating to 8.3 and restarting the app,
and logging back in did it successfully pair.

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I have the same issue, did you get it fixed? I am thinking it is the operating system as POS requires Nougat on an Android and Lenovo never rolled it out on some of there products..