Socket S700 pairing issue

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I have a new S700 Scanner that paired with my ipad Shopify app flawlessly and worked well and then all of the sudden it went unrecognized.  I went into the app and looked at the hareware and it was unpaired.  I tried several times to repair it.  Cleared the bluetooth cache by unparing bt components and restarting the ipad.  I then repared all of the bt devices but the socket scanner continues to do the same thing; it goes through all the 3 steps to pair it and when i get to the final step, the choose recognized hardware step, the app recognizes the scanner and I choose it, the wheel spins like its attemthen nothing. It refuses to finalize the pairing, the wheel next to the hardware name keep spinning and eventually the scanner in pairing mode just times out.  Pretty frustating anyone have a fix or suggestion?  

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