Some barcode labels are not being recongnized by Camera

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I created barcodes and templates and all is good.  However, when I printed barcode labels, none of the barcodes on DYMO 30299 labels were readable using the the POS iPhone APP and Camera.  Some of the barcodes on Avery 5160 labels were not readable. 


In a few instances, a product with a two kinds of labels was read on the Avery but not on the Dymo.


I am 100% sure, I am printing well and I have a feeling that this issue is related to the length of generated barcode (remember DYMO labels are really small).


Any best practices or tips I may be missing?




Wael Doukmak

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Shopify Partner
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In our experience, there are a fair number of things that impact the ‘scannability’ of barcodes (e.g. print contrast, amount of white space around the barcode, angle of camera, print resolution, barcode size etc). What we have found, however, is that the iPad onboard-camera barcode scanning within Shopify POS is consistently less tolerant than other apps on the same device. For example, Shopify POS struggles to read a 13 character 3 of 9 Barcode at anything much less than 11pt font size, whereas a different barcode scanning app on the same device will happily read the same barcode at a much more compact 8pt. So yes, you might be running into a size issue (though probably not a length one). Using an external scanner rather than the internal camera would likely improve the situation.