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Star Micronics SP742

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Hi Experts

I have a Star SP742 (part of the SP700 range), connected via Ethernet cable but the receipts coming from Shopify POS are printing gibberish.

I see that there are certain recommended models but surely the software can't be that specific that it only works with 7 models or printer?

I was using Storehub POS software and that works fine on the SP742


Really hoping that I don't have to purchase a new printer 





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Shopify Partner
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Samething here... !! the printer is detected by the POS  App but print in "Alien language"

Im not sure if its about the printer itself or the configuration ! anyonehave an idee !! 


I already have 6 of those printer and would like to use them as they are kinda expensive ! and work well !!