Star Micronics USB receipt printer connection

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I'm in the process of setting up an in-store POS for a US-based store. We currently have two Star receipt printers with USB connections, a TSP100 (143U) and a TSP100II (143IIU). I have attempted to set up each according to the instructions from Shopify (Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer · Shopify Help Center), but neither has successfully paired to my device after being connected to the router via USB cable. Despite Shopify claiming to work with these printers, the app does not seem to include support for Star USB printers. How can I get the POS to pair with one of my current printers without shelling out for another one?

For the record, I am running the POS app through an Android tablet, but I have also installed it on my iPhone for testing purposes.

Thanks in advance.

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Shopify doesnt work with USB connections.  Everyone else in the POS systems does.  Even Square.  Shopify needs to fix a lot of things and get rid of the stupid shopify go and come out with a real hardware package.