Stocky not scanning with barcode scanner

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I am trying to complete a stocktake and no matter what mode or how many times I have reset the barcode scanner (socket s700) it will not scan the barcodes. If I click in the search bar, it will pickup a barcode that way (which isn't want I want).

Is there something obvious I am missing? I have tried basic mode, application mode, reset the barcode scanner and even tried another device (rather then the ipad).

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I recently changed my store's POS for Shopify POS. I'm encountering the same problem. Have you found anything to help?

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I think this is to do with the different modes available on the scanner. Shopify requires it to be in 'app' mode (or similar).

There is another mode - name escapes me at the moment (HID/HIF?) - where the scanner just sends the content of the barcode as if you had typed it on a keyboard.

I think Stocky, being a web app, expects that.

We played around but it was so much hassle keep swapping the scanner between different modes. We're considering getting another scanner just for the inventory checking, but seems an expensive solution

Think this is another example of Stocky being newly acquired & integrated, and showing so much potential but not quite delivering in a seamless way...